Yi and Xiaoxiao are Married!

Hello! Yi and Xiaoxiao's wedding was SUCH a breath of fresh air. So full of joy, laughter, and every good thing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...it really tells you a lot about a couple when you meet their friends and family. Yi and Xiaoxiao's friends and family were so incredibly welcoming, loving, and EXCITED about this day!! I couldn't help by feel like I was a part of their circle of friends as well.

Some highlights of the day: how AMAZING Yi looked in BOTH of her wedding gowns (one for the ceremony and reception, and one for the tea ceremony), the tea ceremony where Yi and Xiaoxiao served ALL of their friends and family, not just their immediate family (which was an AWESOME time for them to be able to greet and speak with ALL of their guests), the amazing venue, the FUN bridal party, and the incredible JOY that was on Yi and Xiaoxiao's face the entire day!

Look below to see some more of my favorite moments!

Yi and Xiaoxiao Wedding-161.jpg