Clair and Chris are Engaged!

Hi there! This one is a little late I'm afraid, I've already photographed their WEDDING just a few days ago!! BUT, I love these photos and I want to share them with you all.

Chris and Clair are so fun and laid back. When Clair asked if she could bring her 1 year old daughter Eleanor to the engagement shoot, I was like, YES!! It automatically changes things up when you have a little baby girl tagging along for the shoot, but honestly, Eli did SO freaking well, and we got some incredible photos of her with her parents!

We had a fabulous time at the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz (I know, that's where all of my shoots have been happening lately!). It was sunny, beautiful weather, and there were TOOONS of people there. It was a blast!!

Thanks for taking a look at this Engagement/Family shoot, it warms my heart to see these pictures and this family definitely has a special place amongst my clients. LOVE them!! Enjoy the photos!


Had so much fun, Congrats Clair and Chris!!