Alex and Rich are Engaged!

Ok. I seriously LOVED this engagement shoot!! Meet Rich and Alex, the sweetest, funnest couple you could ever hope to find. We had such a great time at Lighthouse Field and Natural Bridges, (despite it being frickin FREEZING on the beach, although Alex handled it like a CHAMP), and an added huge bonus to our shoot: Alex and Rich brought their beautiful dog Kona along for the day!

Rich is one of those guys who will seriously do ANYTHING for his friends. I've had the pleasure of knowing him for a while now, and he's the most kinda, generous, loveable, loyal friend you could ever ask for! Alex is the perfect fit for him, and I can't be happier that Rich is marrying such a beautiful, intelligent, FUN woman!! 

We started out at Rich and Alex's home, and we got some fun shots in Rich's "man cave", where he usually watches soccer and Wrestlemania. Rich wanted to get a picture of him being excited, while Alex looked on with a hint of boredom (which apparently is what usually happens). I LOOOVE how this first photo came out, because Alex isn't the only one looking bored! LOL. 

Scroll down to see some AWESOME (wait, am I tooting my own horn?) photos of Rich, Alex, and their super cute dog Kona!!!!! (TOo many exclamation points, but I don't care, I'm excited for you to see these photos!)


Congratulations Rich and Alex!!! Can't wait for your PARTY of a wedding!