Katelin and Jon are Engaged! (LIVE PROPOSAL PICS!)

Heeeeey there internet friends! I am SUPER DUPER excited to share these photos with you today!! Why? Because they are pictures of a LIVE PROPOSAL. I've done a few of these in my day, but I can't be more happy with how these turned out, AND these are some special friends of mine so I am EXTRA stoked!

Jon and Katelin are pretty much the cutest, funnest, sweetest, best couple around. They dated long distance for a little bit (Katelin was in Colorado and Jon was in California!) but Katelin recently moved back to good ol' Palo Alto, CA, and I am so so happy she did!!

Jon called me a few days before the intended proposal and told me his ideas, and asked if I could help out. Of COURSE I said yes, and went along with a few friends to help set everything up. This location is very special for Jon and Katelin, as it was the place where they had their very first date! The Story: Jon had just bought a brand new truck and wanted to go find a place to watch the sunset with this super cute girl (Katelin). It was cold, so they threw a bunch of blankets in the bed of the truck, and went off to explore! They found this AMAZING view, pulled the truck up, and sat in back to watch the sun go down (can anyone say ROMANTIC??). The Twist: APPARENTLY, this happened to be PRIVATE PROPERTY. The man who owns the property came up to their truck and asked what they were doing there. Jon explained that they hadn't meant to trespass but they were just on a date and having a very good time. The man laughed, and said they could keep on "making out". (Disclaimer: NO making out was taking place!). 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago: Jon tracked down this guy's address, and mailed him a letter to ask if he could do the proposal on his property. He never got a response, so Jon actually FOUND this man's house, walked up to the front door, knocked, and asked this man for permission to use his property one more time. He said yes (Yay!!) and there we were a few weeks later, sitting in the bushes, waiting for Jon and Katelin to "stumble upon" his car after a long and hurried hike. (Jon didn't want to miss the sunset and so apparently was walking VERY fast on their hike!). 

And the rest is all in the pictures! I hope you enjoy them. I was totally crying watching these two get engaged, and I am BLESSED beyond belief to have been able to be a witness to it. Also, check out the AMAAAAZING sunset that God sent for these two! It was like his seal of approval :)



Congratulations Katelin and Jon!!!!! SO happy for you two!!