Jeff and Robin are Married!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Jeff and Robin's wedding day blog!! This lovely mid-day wedding was located at the Ravenswood Historic Site in Livermore, CA. SUCH a beautiful venue! Old houses, a vineyard in front, loooovely trees, and the cutest little gazebo EVER to get married under.

Jeff and Robin are two wonderfully special people. The night Jeff was planning on proposing, he took Robin to a fancy restaurant, but for some reason there was a hitch (I forget why!!!) and they ended up sitting in the bar area of this restaurant instead of at a nice table like Jeff had planned. Did that deter Jeff?? NO WAY!!! He was ALL IN, still planning on proposing, no matter where it was. 

NEEDLESS to say, Jeff proposed in that cute little bar area, (oh and did I mention he proposed on Valentine's Day?), Robin accepted, and they started planning the cutest wedding ever. A wonderful MORNING wedding, with the perfect amount of family and friends to help celebrate. 

The biggest highlight for me: seeing the HUGE smiles on Jeff and Robin's faces when they were finally declared husband and wife, and walking down the aisle! Honestly, it totally hit me straight in the heart, and I'll NEVER forget the looks on their faces. SOOO much happiness, joy, love, and all the excitement of starting a new season of life together. (You can see a picture of what I'm talking about below).

THANK YOU Robin and Jeff for letting me be a part of this wonderful celebration! You two are AWESOME!!

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