Sarah and Brian are Married!

Hello!! I've been meaning to post a few blogs for a whiiiile now, and I'm finally getting to it! My excuse is that I'm SUPERRR PREGNANT right now, like, ready to pop! So thank you all for your patience with me :)

Welcome to Sarah and Brian's wedding day blog! I think I would describe their wedding as classy, woodsy, and FUN!! Can I just tell you something....when you've seen as many weddings as I have, it's kinda hard to be surprised....BUT.....wait for it.......I was TOTALLY SURPRISED during Sarah and Brian's ceremony! It was seriously one of THE best ideas I have ever seen during a wedding ceremony. The officiant literally did TWO MAGIC TRICKS, and also used some AWESOME props. (Scroll down to see what I'm talking about!!) He took a glass of pearls, and pulled a pearl necklace out of a bag, AND (not pictured) Sarah and Brian put two different colored scarves into a bag and when he pulled them out, they were tied together (symbolizing their marriage). HUGE props to Sarah and Brian for making their whole day FUN, and totally THEM. (OH, and if you can guess what the huge prop meant that the officiant used, you are one smart cookie! See the prop below.)

Other highlights of the day for me: Brian's daughter being a part of the ceremony (and looking like a beautiful little fairy), Sarah's FANTASTIC shoes (see below), the groomsmen gifts (so classy, and it has their name on it??), the amazing floral arrangements on the tables, Brian's Batman cufflinks, the somewhat emotional vows (Brian, I'm looking at you!), and the OBVIOUS joy of family and friends all gathered there to celebrate Sarah and Brian! 

I don't know why I'm always SO stinking lucky to work with the best clients, but Sarah and Brian, you are just the best!! So fun, open, genuine, loving, and devoted to each other. Thank you for making me smile when I look at your photos!!

CONGRATS you guys!!!