Ryan and Rachel are Married!

Hello out there!! Welcome to Ryan and Rachel's FABULOUS Saratoga Springs wedding! Where there are bright sunflowers, unique jewelry, a wonderfully fun bridal party, amazing atmosphere, and crazy dancing!

Rachel and Ryan truly impressed me with their sweet friends and family. You really can tell a lot about a couple by who they surround themselves with, and they have the most wonderful people around them. Guys, your wedding day was AWESOME, I enjoyed every minute I spent with you, and I'm so excited for your lives together!! Below are some of my top favorite things I photographed/saw, and I'd like to share them with you :)

#1 - RACHEL WORE A NECKLACE THAT HAD KLINGON WRITING ON IT. I asked her what it meant, and I believe she said it meant "Success" in Klingon. RACHEL. You are my hero. 

#2 - The bright sunflowers everywhere!! I seriously loved the flowers, they were all different, unique, and beautiful.

#3 - Ryan and Rachel walked down the aisle together!! Since Rachel's father has passed away, Ryan and Rachel decided to walk down the aisle together, and it was so sweet and a wonderful way to begin the ceremony...*tears*

#4 - Ryan had to break out his handkerchief SEVERAL times during the course of the evening, with tears during the vows, tears during pictures with his mom, tears during Rachel's Mom's toast...Ryan you wonderful softy!! :)

#5 - Rachel played a song for Ryan during the ceremony that she had been practicing as a surprise. It. Was. Awesome.

#6 - There were little quotes and pictures decorating the tables at the reception! THERE WAS A GANDALF QUOTE. I pretty much nerded out and took WAY too many pictures of that one quote...which you can see below.

#7 - Rachel's Mother had the most moving toast to give. It brought me to tears...and then she had me totally laughing the next minute!! Needless to say, I wanted to be her best friend after it. Rachel, your mom is the best!

#8 - THEY DANCED THE HORA! Enough said. (For those of you who don't know, this is the Jewish chair dance that is HILARIOUS, and SO MUCH FUN to dance to!)

#9 - Ryan was supposed to break a glass after the ceremony...but they had forgotten to bring it!! So, they might or might not have taken a glass from one of the reception tables...hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right??

#10 - These two obviously LOVE each other so much, and are super excited for their lives together!!!

Rachel and Ryan, thanks again for having me capture your day. You guys are awesome!! Keep on embracing your nerdy side, I LOVE IT!!!!