Josh and April are Married!

Hi Everyone!! Welcome (or welcome BACK) to my blog! Today's stunning wedding is none other than April and Josh's amazing Downtown Willow Glen wedding! These two decided to get married on February 28th, and, in Northern California, you honestly have NO IDEA what kind of weather you are going to get at the end of February! While discussing photo ideas with April and Josh, we talked about the possibility of rain....and I told them, from my experience, rain might make things a little wet (OBVIOUSLY), BUT it also makes photos super fun and totally unique!!

April and Josh WENT FOR IT, bought super cute umbrellas for their bridal party, and when it started to POUR DOWN RAIN right when we were taking bridal party photos in Downtown Willow Glen, it turned into a super fun (albeit slightly COLD) experience! Props to their bridal party for not only hanging in there, but having huge smiles on their faces the whole time!

Some things that stuck out to me that made Josh and April's day really special: they held the wedding ceremony at the church April grew up in! What a pretty building, and probably filled with tons of memories for April (now she can add "Getting Married There" to the top of the list!).  April's father officiated the ceremony (after walking her down the aisle), which always makes me tear up.... Also, about one month before the wedding, April and Josh had to last-minute CHANGE VENUES for their reception! If anyone out there has planned a wedding, you probably just felt a twinge of sympathy-stress from just hearing that. BUT, they handled it all with SO much grace, and everything turned out beautifully.

The last but most important thing that was special for me to see, is how wonderfully in love these two are, and how happy they were on this day! *sigh* This is a special couple, and I can't wait to see what they will do together in this life. 

Josh and April, thanks again for letting me photograph your wedding! What a special special day it was!!