Brandi and Serman are Engaged!

Hello again! Let me introduce you to Brandi, Serman, AND Sierra and Hayden!! This was a WONDERFUL engagement shoot in the Santa Cruz Mountains (Felton and Boulder Creek), and it was extra special because Serman's daughters joined us for some of the photos.

Before we were about to get started, Brandi told me that she's not very comfortable in front of the camera and she was worried she would look awkward....RIGHT away I knew we would not have a problem with awkward pictures!!! Serman and Brandi were laughing, smiling, and fun the ENTIRE shoot, so natural and wonderful to photograph. 

Brandi is from Tennessee, and I have to say Serman, I can understand why you fell in love with her!! She has a soft southern accent, she's super charming, AND she's beautiful! I'm seriously so so happy for you two, and I can't wait for your wedding!!!!

Brandi and Serman Blog 6.jpg
Brandi and Serman E-Session-64.jpg

Congrats again you guys!!