5 Things I Loved About My Own Wedding Photos

Hello! As some of you might or might not know, I just got married! I thought it might be fun for my VERY FIRST blog post to talk about what I, as a wedding photographer, LOVED about my OWN wedding photos! Hopefully this might help someone out there who is contemplating what kind of photographer to hire. These are just FIVE things out of ONE THOUSAND things I loved about my wedding photos, as I was lucky enough to have the amazing Colson Griffith as my wedding photographer (www.colsongriffith.com). 



Colson just said, "Do whatever you want!". Well, we did!

Colson just said, "Do whatever you want!". Well, we did!

It was SO important to me to have FUN photos, that were filled with all of the joy, laughter, and amazing happiness of the day! Colson captured that SO well. I don't know about you, but having tons of solemn, sad looking pictures sounds TERRIBLE....YOU JUST GOT MARRIED, so everyone should be STOKED and PARTYING with you, right???



Make sure your photographer knows WHEN and WHERE the great light is! Lighting can make a HUGE difference in all of your photos. It can make a photo SUPER INTERESTING or just BLAH. Who wants blah?? The lighting for this photo was PERFECT and we just couldn't pass it up! Colson knew exactly where to put us to make it look stunning.



We played a HILARIOUS game at the beginning of our reception...and we got some of the funniest photos of our friends and family ever! Make sure your photographer knows you want fun candids of all the events happening. Also, planning a game or something fun will help loosen up your guests and will get you those amazing candids! We also did the chair dance and got some great ones of me totally FREAKING out cus I thought I was gonna be dropped!



Colson knew exactly what we wanted, because he had spent time with us and really knew us. He KNEW that my family would be willing to be THIS goofy...how awesome is this picture?? I will treasure this always and be thankful that my photographer was willing to not just get beautiful, "Style Me Pretty" pics, but he was willing to get the photos that best represented US as a couple, and family. Spend some time with your photographer before your wedding and really let him know what you are about. 



This is a picture of our amazing bridal party. THINK about your bridal party when preparing for photos! We knew we wanted to be spending time with our bridal party laughing, goofing around, and enjoying this amazing day with them!! NO ONE wants to be standing around for hours in a SUPER STUFFY tux, taking tons of formal pictures...unless you really like that...then you totally can do that! We took a train ride through the redwoods with our photographer, with champagne and snacks, got out at the top, and snapped some amazing photos!! You don't need to have 300 different poses and settings to get some crazy good photos with your best friends. If you have a photographer who knows what he's doing (which we did) he'll get you in and get you out QUICK! AND they will turn out incredible.

I could go ON and ON about how much I loved my photos, but those are the top five things that stuck out to me! Hopefully that will help anyone out there that is looking into who should shoot their wedding. Thanks to Colson Griffith of Colson Griffith Photography for all of the incredible photos. We are SO thankful for you!

Check out more of his work here at: www.ColsonGriffith.com.