April and Josh are Engaged!

Hi there again!! Hold onto your pants, because this engagement shoot was a WONDERFUL breath of fresh air for me! April and Josh told me they wanted to do their engagement session in Downtown San Jose, and immediately I was excited to do some AWESOME urban shoot stuff with them! 

When I heard that they wanted to do some pictures in front of specific buildings I thought...WOW, they really know Downtown! I've lived here my whoooole life and I can barely navigate around there when I'm driving......BUT, it just so happens that Josh is an architect, and that's why he's so into the buildings down there! I felt like I was getting a prime architecture tour during our shoot! Interesting buildings can add so much to a photo shoot, and I was STOOOOKED to use buildings like the Museum of Art, and San Jose City Hall for some of our shots. 

April and Josh just happen to be the sweetest, cutest couple EVER...so that adds a lot too!! ;D THANKS SO MUCH for letting me be a part of your story you guys! I can't wait for your really really special day in February. Being married is the BEST!!!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Have an AMAZING Christmas, and Happy New Year!