Justin and Mary are Engaged!

Hello online world!! I am SOOO happy to share this wonderful engagement shoot with you. I have known Justin for quite some time....let's just say, he knows me from way back in my Junior High years!! LOTS of acne and awkward outfits...woohoo! Needless to say, we have both grown out of our awkward years (a while ago), and now Justin is marrying a beautiful, amazing woman named Mary!

I love their whole relationship, and especially because I got to be there the night they met. Let's just say, I take partial credit for them starting to date.....we were all at a wedding (SARA TIMM!), we danced, we laughed, we played pool at a local bar later...and BAM! Sparks and fluttery heart feelings were flying everywhere! I asked Justin how it was going with Mary a LOT after that night, and was crazy excited when they started officially dating!

Justin and Mary have had a long distance relationship for SO long, and I am happy for them that soon, they will be distant NO LONGER. In a few months, they will be married, and then Mary will move out to Austin to be with Justin.

Can't wait for your wedding, you guys!! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your story!

Thanks again Justin and Mary! Can't wait for December!