A Little Bit of Style and Love

Hello again! Today I have the most wonderful privilege of presenting a styled bridal shoot I did a few weeks back. It was AWESOME to be able to work with the wonderful Nikol, of Nikol Elaine Makeup Artistry, and Yesenia, of Smoke & Mirrors Salon. It was my first time working with Yesenia, and she made my model Kelsey look incredible. 

When discussing with my friend Teresa Raabe (who owns her own online business called My Utmost, that sells engagement rings, bouquets, and all kinds of bridal accessories) we really wanted to do something classic and woodsy, but also something SUPER funky! Since colored wedding dresses are what it's all about these days, we decided to add a little twist to it: how about an aqua green bridal gown?? Teresa pulled out this AMAZING vintage dress and I almost died! She also found this WHO KNOWS HOW OLD IT IS bridal headpiece, and we just had to use them. 

The bouquets you see were also made by the fabulous Teresa, both hand made from glass, metal, brooches, and woodsy wonderful things! 

Thank you SO much to everyone who helped out on this, especially Kelsey, my amazing model. You have so much personality and spunk, photographing you was a breeeeeze!!!!

A HUGE Thank You again to everyone who helped make this shoot beautiful, wonderful, funky, feminine, and creative!

Makeup: Nikol Elaine Makeup Artistry

Hair: Yesenia, Smoke & Mirrors Studio

Accessories and Bouquets: Teresa Raabe, My Utmost Floral & Design

Bridal Gown: Simply Bridal

Model: Kelsey Clark