Shaun and Lauren's Beautiful Purple Orchid Resort Wedding!'s almost a SIN that I have not blogged this amazing wedding yet!! What was I thinking??? This was one of my favorite weddings of 2017, hands down. Shaun and Lauren are just the BEST!! They enjoy life to the FULLEST, and are smiling and laughing all the time. When I first met them I knew I right away I wanted to work with them! 

This wedding had everythiiiiing...a doughnut wall, a teepee, an incredible dance floor that was ROCKING the whole night, and an amazing view and beautiful ceremony to celebrate the love of these two. OH, and their wonderful, sweet dog named Reagan who was the CUTEST DOG EVER in his little bow tie (see below).

I hope you enjoy these photos! I don't think I could possibly capture how amazing this couple is, but hopefully I came kinda close. Thanks for looking!! *muah*

Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-54.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-44.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-23.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-17.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-92.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-96.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-111.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-62.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-153.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-201.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-203.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-216.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-218.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-221.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-238.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-255.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-324.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-316.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-337.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-79.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-341.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-371.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-377.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-390.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-416.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-488.jpg
Lauren and Shaun's Wedding-513.jpg

Thank you for looking!! Hope you enjoyed this wedding as much as I did!

Kelly and Devin's Beautiful Grandview Restaurant Wedding!

Hi All!! Thanks for taking a look at this beautiful wedding of Kelly and Devin's. What a BEAUTIFUL day it was, and an amazing celebration! Kelly and Devin's family are all from the Midwest (Wisconsin) so it was a small wedding full of people traveling from all over to celebrate these two. 

Kelly and Devin IMPRESS me so much!! They have been dating for many many years, (TWO of which when Devin was living in CHINA), and they obviously love each other so much. It brought tears to my eyes to see these two married, their hearts are pure gold and their families and friends are supportive, loving, and SO fun!! 

Look below to see the PARTY!!

Kelly and Devin Wedding-6.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-20.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-14.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-12.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-63.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-66.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-52.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-101.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-105.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-131.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-159.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-162.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-163.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-181.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-281.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-289.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-296.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-346.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-350.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-353.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-413.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-443.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-461.jpg
Kelly and Devin Wedding-445.jpg

Anais and Froilan's Fabulous Saratoga Springs Wedding!

Hi out there!! This is Froilan and Anais' beautiful wedding at Saratoga Springs. It was honestly the PERFECT day, and I just love how everything all came together for them! Of course, it was a huge party, and everyone had a blast (even I danced a little bit!!), but nothing could overshadow these two and their love. Anais was GLOWING the entire day, and there was such a sweet atmosphere of celebration throughout it all. 

Enjoy these photos! If I could share ALL the photos from this day, I absolutely would!! Everything about it was beautiful.

Froilan and Anais Wedding-23.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-7.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-10.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-38.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-51.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-56.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-77.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-86.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-110.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-116.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-127.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-158.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-147.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-196.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-199.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-210.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-213.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-214.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-220.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-230.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-224.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-235.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-238.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-252.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-255.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-256.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-257.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-161.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-166.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-168.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-335.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-353.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-315.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-309.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-378.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-406.jpg
Froilan and Anais Wedding-463.jpg

Michelle and Johannes are Married!

Hello! I am SO happy to be sharing this WONDERFUL wedding with you! Michelle and Johannes met just a few blocks away from where they both lived in San Francisco...and found out they were practically neighbors! They fell in love, and the rest is history. 

Picchetti Winery has got to be one of my favorite venues ever. The reception hall is ABSOLUTELY beautiful, the wine is fantastic, and it is surrounded by beautiful woods. 

I get to work with the most AMAZING couples, and Michelle and Johannes were one of my favorites from this past season. They are warm, caring, and have amazing family and friends! I am so excited to see them start their own family!! CONGRATS you guys!

Stephanie and Chris are Married!

Hi All! This wedding was SO hard to blog, because there are a HUGE number of pictures I would love to share with you all! Chris and Stephanie's wedding was absolutely beautiful, and SUCH a party. 

Please enjoy these wonderful photos, and I hope they give you a sense of what their big day was like! Romantic, FUN, and deeply emotional. I enjoyed everything about this wedding!

Venue: Nicklaus Club  Florist: Fleurish Floral Design  Cake: The Cake Shop  Makeup: Beauty by Melanie  DJ: DJ Chemistry  Gown: Jaime's Bridal

Yi and Xiaoxiao are Married!

Hello! Yi and Xiaoxiao's wedding was SUCH a breath of fresh air. So full of joy, laughter, and every good thing. I've said it before, and I'll say it really tells you a lot about a couple when you meet their friends and family. Yi and Xiaoxiao's friends and family were so incredibly welcoming, loving, and EXCITED about this day!! I couldn't help by feel like I was a part of their circle of friends as well.

Some highlights of the day: how AMAZING Yi looked in BOTH of her wedding gowns (one for the ceremony and reception, and one for the tea ceremony), the tea ceremony where Yi and Xiaoxiao served ALL of their friends and family, not just their immediate family (which was an AWESOME time for them to be able to greet and speak with ALL of their guests), the amazing venue, the FUN bridal party, and the incredible JOY that was on Yi and Xiaoxiao's face the entire day!

Look below to see some more of my favorite moments!

Yi and Xiaoxiao Wedding-161.jpg

Alex and Angela are Married!

Hi Wonderful People!! WOW, it has been WAY too long since I have blogged!! I am SO sorry to keep you out of the loop of what is happening at Lora Mae Photography. We had SUCH a great season, I was super busy shooting weddings, babies, families, you name it! I am also chasing around a 1 year old AND expecting my second child any day now, so it was QUITE the 2016 season!

This wedding was nothing short of MAGICAL. Alex and Angela got married at the fabulous Sand Rock Farm in Aptos, CA, which is the PERFECT venue (seriously). The weather, setting, bride, groom, bridal party, family and friends....EVERYTHING was just amazing. Alex and Angela shed just a few tears (maybe more than a few) as they declared their commitment and love for each other. And, not gonna lie, I definitely shed a tear also. I LOVE weddings!!!

Take a peak at their day below...and try not to be jealous of how amazing it was!

Venue: Sand Rock Farm Gown:  BHLDN  Floral: Sand Rock Farm  DJ: Sound in Motion

Chris and Clair are Married!

Hello again! Here is another FABULOUS wedding to share with you. Chris and Clair's wedding....was EXACTLY what a wedding should be! Let me explain.

They had an AMAZING venue (thank you Grandview Restaurant!), they had such a great Bluegrass band playing ALL night, the food was incredible, the sunset was SPECTACULAR, and the group of friends and family surrounding them were so incredibly happy, lively, loving, and wonderful. 

This was definitely one of my favorite weddings I've ever photographed! Not to mention Chris and Clair's daughter Eleanor is really the cutest little girl I have ever seen in real life! 

Congratulations Chris and Clair! You threw a beautiful, emotional, joyful, all-around perfect party to celebrate the beginning of your new official family. You both are the best!!

Congrats on your beautiful new family you guys!!

Jordan and Tracy are Married!

Hello! I give you....duh duh duh duuuuuh!!!....the start of wedding season!! Yes, that means there will be many pictures of white dresses, bridesmaids, flowers, beautiful scenery, rings, etc. I'M SO HAPPY! 

Tracy and Jordan's wedding was a WONDERFUL way to start out the wedding season. They had their wedding and reception at the beautiful Bodega Bay Lodge, which is known for it's crazy amazing sunsets, and an infinity HOT TUB. YES PLEASE! Not gonna lie, I was SUPER tempted to jump in the hot tub after the wedding....

Some things that stood out to me about this wedding: Tracy and her bridesmaids basically did ALL of the flowers!! As you scroll down you'll see them, and they are seriously incredible. I can't believe they did them all!! Also, I love love loooved the bridesmaid dresses, the color and the cut were absolutely feminine and beautiful. And the DANCING at this wedding was AWESOME!!!! Check out some great pictures of that below :)

Tracy and Jordan are just so meant for each other. Being with these two on their wedding day was super special, and I couldn't be happier for them.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day you guys!!!

Tracy and Jordan Wedding-318.jpg

Congratulations you guys!!

Julie and Matthew are Engaged!

JULIE JAHDE is one of the most wonderful women in the whole wide world!!! So when she asked me if I could take some photos of her and her new fiance, I said OF COURSE! You guys. This lady is giving, kind, fun, a wonderful mother, and just overall a very very special person. If you know her personally, you know what I'm talking about!

We had a FANTASTIC time trotting around Downtown San Jose, near San Pedro Square, and then on to Guadalupe River Gardens (I love shooting there). The light for some of these photos literally blows my mind, and I'm so excited I get to share these with you!

Julie and Matthew, I couldn't be happier for you two, and I'm really really stoked to see what life has in store for you both!! Bless you both on your upcoming marriage, (I REALLY SADLY won't be able to be there) but I can't wait to see pictures!


So happy for your new life together!! Julie, you deserve all the happiness in the whole wide world.

Clair and Chris are Engaged!

Hi there! This one is a little late I'm afraid, I've already photographed their WEDDING just a few days ago!! BUT, I love these photos and I want to share them with you all.

Chris and Clair are so fun and laid back. When Clair asked if she could bring her 1 year old daughter Eleanor to the engagement shoot, I was like, YES!! It automatically changes things up when you have a little baby girl tagging along for the shoot, but honestly, Eli did SO freaking well, and we got some incredible photos of her with her parents!

We had a fabulous time at the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz (I know, that's where all of my shoots have been happening lately!). It was sunny, beautiful weather, and there were TOOONS of people there. It was a blast!!

Thanks for taking a look at this Engagement/Family shoot, it warms my heart to see these pictures and this family definitely has a special place amongst my clients. LOVE them!! Enjoy the photos!


Had so much fun, Congrats Clair and Chris!!

Alex and Rich are Engaged!

Ok. I seriously LOVED this engagement shoot!! Meet Rich and Alex, the sweetest, funnest couple you could ever hope to find. We had such a great time at Lighthouse Field and Natural Bridges, (despite it being frickin FREEZING on the beach, although Alex handled it like a CHAMP), and an added huge bonus to our shoot: Alex and Rich brought their beautiful dog Kona along for the day!

Rich is one of those guys who will seriously do ANYTHING for his friends. I've had the pleasure of knowing him for a while now, and he's the most kinda, generous, loveable, loyal friend you could ever ask for! Alex is the perfect fit for him, and I can't be happier that Rich is marrying such a beautiful, intelligent, FUN woman!! 

We started out at Rich and Alex's home, and we got some fun shots in Rich's "man cave", where he usually watches soccer and Wrestlemania. Rich wanted to get a picture of him being excited, while Alex looked on with a hint of boredom (which apparently is what usually happens). I LOOOVE how this first photo came out, because Alex isn't the only one looking bored! LOL. 

Scroll down to see some AWESOME (wait, am I tooting my own horn?) photos of Rich, Alex, and their super cute dog Kona!!!!! (TOo many exclamation points, but I don't care, I'm excited for you to see these photos!)


Congratulations Rich and Alex!!! Can't wait for your PARTY of a wedding!

Sara and Chris are Engaged!

HI Everyone! I've been totally remiss in updating my blog, but here is a sweet engagement shoot for a wonderful couple. Their wedding is coming up so soon, I remembered I hadn't even posted their engagement photos and I really wanted to because we got some amazing shots!

We were in the woods surrounding UC Santa Cruz, and also on Lighthouse field over by the Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. It was a WONDERFUL time, we got some beautiful light, and Sara and Chris are the cutest, so, THAT HELPS!!

Thanks for checking these out, can't wait to post photos of their beautiful WEDDING!

Thanks for checking out the blog today!

Michelle and Johannes are Engaged!

Hi Wonderful People!! Meet Michelle and Johannes! When we talked about what they wanted for an engagement shoot, they said they wanted something that was very "San Francisco" without being TOO San Francisco, like the Golden Gate Bridge...mostly because Michelle and Johannes LIVE in SF, and that's where they met! They were at a local bar and realized they both lived only a few blocks away from each other...and the rest is all lovey dovey history :)

Cut to us going to this UH-freaking-MAZING spot that I've never been to before called Bernal Heights, in the middle of SF! Holy cow, the views from this spot are unbelievable. We got some great, crazy-wonderful shots with some very iconic views of Downtown San Francisco. 

I hope you enjoy these pictures! It's one of my favorite engagement shoots to date. Not just because of the location, but because of this amazing couple! I say it all the time, but I really get to work with the most INCREDIBLE people. I love my couples, and I love love love my job!

SOOO looking forward to your wedding you guys!

Katelin and Jon are Engaged! (LIVE PROPOSAL PICS!)

Heeeeey there internet friends! I am SUPER DUPER excited to share these photos with you today!! Why? Because they are pictures of a LIVE PROPOSAL. I've done a few of these in my day, but I can't be more happy with how these turned out, AND these are some special friends of mine so I am EXTRA stoked!

Jon and Katelin are pretty much the cutest, funnest, sweetest, best couple around. They dated long distance for a little bit (Katelin was in Colorado and Jon was in California!) but Katelin recently moved back to good ol' Palo Alto, CA, and I am so so happy she did!!

Jon called me a few days before the intended proposal and told me his ideas, and asked if I could help out. Of COURSE I said yes, and went along with a few friends to help set everything up. This location is very special for Jon and Katelin, as it was the place where they had their very first date! The Story: Jon had just bought a brand new truck and wanted to go find a place to watch the sunset with this super cute girl (Katelin). It was cold, so they threw a bunch of blankets in the bed of the truck, and went off to explore! They found this AMAZING view, pulled the truck up, and sat in back to watch the sun go down (can anyone say ROMANTIC??). The Twist: APPARENTLY, this happened to be PRIVATE PROPERTY. The man who owns the property came up to their truck and asked what they were doing there. Jon explained that they hadn't meant to trespass but they were just on a date and having a very good time. The man laughed, and said they could keep on "making out". (Disclaimer: NO making out was taking place!). 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago: Jon tracked down this guy's address, and mailed him a letter to ask if he could do the proposal on his property. He never got a response, so Jon actually FOUND this man's house, walked up to the front door, knocked, and asked this man for permission to use his property one more time. He said yes (Yay!!) and there we were a few weeks later, sitting in the bushes, waiting for Jon and Katelin to "stumble upon" his car after a long and hurried hike. (Jon didn't want to miss the sunset and so apparently was walking VERY fast on their hike!). 

And the rest is all in the pictures! I hope you enjoy them. I was totally crying watching these two get engaged, and I am BLESSED beyond belief to have been able to be a witness to it. Also, check out the AMAAAAZING sunset that God sent for these two! It was like his seal of approval :)



Congratulations Katelin and Jon!!!!! SO happy for you two!!

Brandi and Serman are Engaged!

Hello again! Let me introduce you to Brandi, Serman, AND Sierra and Hayden!! This was a WONDERFUL engagement shoot in the Santa Cruz Mountains (Felton and Boulder Creek), and it was extra special because Serman's daughters joined us for some of the photos.

Before we were about to get started, Brandi told me that she's not very comfortable in front of the camera and she was worried she would look awkward....RIGHT away I knew we would not have a problem with awkward pictures!!! Serman and Brandi were laughing, smiling, and fun the ENTIRE shoot, so natural and wonderful to photograph. 

Brandi is from Tennessee, and I have to say Serman, I can understand why you fell in love with her!! She has a soft southern accent, she's super charming, AND she's beautiful! I'm seriously so so happy for you two, and I can't wait for your wedding!!!!

Brandi and Serman Blog 6.jpg
Brandi and Serman E-Session-64.jpg

Congrats again you guys!! 

Jeff and Robin are Married!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Jeff and Robin's wedding day blog!! This lovely mid-day wedding was located at the Ravenswood Historic Site in Livermore, CA. SUCH a beautiful venue! Old houses, a vineyard in front, loooovely trees, and the cutest little gazebo EVER to get married under.

Jeff and Robin are two wonderfully special people. The night Jeff was planning on proposing, he took Robin to a fancy restaurant, but for some reason there was a hitch (I forget why!!!) and they ended up sitting in the bar area of this restaurant instead of at a nice table like Jeff had planned. Did that deter Jeff?? NO WAY!!! He was ALL IN, still planning on proposing, no matter where it was. 

NEEDLESS to say, Jeff proposed in that cute little bar area, (oh and did I mention he proposed on Valentine's Day?), Robin accepted, and they started planning the cutest wedding ever. A wonderful MORNING wedding, with the perfect amount of family and friends to help celebrate. 

The biggest highlight for me: seeing the HUGE smiles on Jeff and Robin's faces when they were finally declared husband and wife, and walking down the aisle! Honestly, it totally hit me straight in the heart, and I'll NEVER forget the looks on their faces. SOOO much happiness, joy, love, and all the excitement of starting a new season of life together. (You can see a picture of what I'm talking about below).

THANK YOU Robin and Jeff for letting me be a part of this wonderful celebration! You two are AWESOME!!

Congratulations you guys!! Click "Like" below, or leave a comment for the wonderful couple!

Sarah and Brian are Married!

Hello!! I've been meaning to post a few blogs for a whiiiile now, and I'm finally getting to it! My excuse is that I'm SUPERRR PREGNANT right now, like, ready to pop! So thank you all for your patience with me :)

Welcome to Sarah and Brian's wedding day blog! I think I would describe their wedding as classy, woodsy, and FUN!! Can I just tell you something....when you've seen as many weddings as I have, it's kinda hard to be surprised....BUT.....wait for it.......I was TOTALLY SURPRISED during Sarah and Brian's ceremony! It was seriously one of THE best ideas I have ever seen during a wedding ceremony. The officiant literally did TWO MAGIC TRICKS, and also used some AWESOME props. (Scroll down to see what I'm talking about!!) He took a glass of pearls, and pulled a pearl necklace out of a bag, AND (not pictured) Sarah and Brian put two different colored scarves into a bag and when he pulled them out, they were tied together (symbolizing their marriage). HUGE props to Sarah and Brian for making their whole day FUN, and totally THEM. (OH, and if you can guess what the huge prop meant that the officiant used, you are one smart cookie! See the prop below.)

Other highlights of the day for me: Brian's daughter being a part of the ceremony (and looking like a beautiful little fairy), Sarah's FANTASTIC shoes (see below), the groomsmen gifts (so classy, and it has their name on it??), the amazing floral arrangements on the tables, Brian's Batman cufflinks, the somewhat emotional vows (Brian, I'm looking at you!), and the OBVIOUS joy of family and friends all gathered there to celebrate Sarah and Brian! 

I don't know why I'm always SO stinking lucky to work with the best clients, but Sarah and Brian, you are just the best!! So fun, open, genuine, loving, and devoted to each other. Thank you for making me smile when I look at your photos!!

CONGRATS you guys!!!

Nicole and Landon are Married!

Hellooooo Everyone out there! I am SO excited to share this blog with you all. NOW PRESENTING: the most adorable bride EVER and her classy and stylish groom! 

Working with Landon and Nicole was like working with two long-lost friends. Every time we met to talk about the wedding, I felt like I had known them for years, and my excitement to be there for their special day just kept on growing and growing! Anyone who knows this couple will probably agree that they are the nicest, most generous, loving people ever. And it definitely showed on their wedding day.

Some highlights for me: Nicole's two nieces, who looked ADORABLE in their little dresses...the amazing flowers that Nicole's mother prepared for the day (I should probably just admit that I'm a wedding flower ADDICT and I can't get enough!!).....finding out that Landon is super classy and STYLIN', after seeing the ties he picked out for his groomsmen, PLUS the fabulous cufflinks he had on (see below)....and you really can't beat that view at Clos La Chance Winery!! 

The whole day was picturesque, beautiful, fun, wonderful....I just loved every second of it. Nicole and Landon, you guys are SPECIAL, and I can't wait to see what life has in store for you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Congrats again, Nicole and Landon!!! 

The wonderful vendors who made this possible:

Venue: Clos La Chance Winery

Catering: The Cellar Door Catering

Wedding Cake: I Do Wedding Cakes

Makeup: Priscilla Francine Makeup

Hair: Anna Haro

DJ: CJ Wallace with WeddingTech

Ryan and Rachel are Married!

Hello out there!! Welcome to Ryan and Rachel's FABULOUS Saratoga Springs wedding! Where there are bright sunflowers, unique jewelry, a wonderfully fun bridal party, amazing atmosphere, and crazy dancing!

Rachel and Ryan truly impressed me with their sweet friends and family. You really can tell a lot about a couple by who they surround themselves with, and they have the most wonderful people around them. Guys, your wedding day was AWESOME, I enjoyed every minute I spent with you, and I'm so excited for your lives together!! Below are some of my top favorite things I photographed/saw, and I'd like to share them with you :)

#1 - RACHEL WORE A NECKLACE THAT HAD KLINGON WRITING ON IT. I asked her what it meant, and I believe she said it meant "Success" in Klingon. RACHEL. You are my hero. 

#2 - The bright sunflowers everywhere!! I seriously loved the flowers, they were all different, unique, and beautiful.

#3 - Ryan and Rachel walked down the aisle together!! Since Rachel's father has passed away, Ryan and Rachel decided to walk down the aisle together, and it was so sweet and a wonderful way to begin the ceremony...*tears*

#4 - Ryan had to break out his handkerchief SEVERAL times during the course of the evening, with tears during the vows, tears during pictures with his mom, tears during Rachel's Mom's toast...Ryan you wonderful softy!! :)

#5 - Rachel played a song for Ryan during the ceremony that she had been practicing as a surprise. It. Was. Awesome.

#6 - There were little quotes and pictures decorating the tables at the reception! THERE WAS A GANDALF QUOTE. I pretty much nerded out and took WAY too many pictures of that one quote...which you can see below.

#7 - Rachel's Mother had the most moving toast to give. It brought me to tears...and then she had me totally laughing the next minute!! Needless to say, I wanted to be her best friend after it. Rachel, your mom is the best!

#8 - THEY DANCED THE HORA! Enough said. (For those of you who don't know, this is the Jewish chair dance that is HILARIOUS, and SO MUCH FUN to dance to!)

#9 - Ryan was supposed to break a glass after the ceremony...but they had forgotten to bring it!! So, they might or might not have taken a glass from one of the reception tables...hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right??

#10 - These two obviously LOVE each other so much, and are super excited for their lives together!!!

Rachel and Ryan, thanks again for having me capture your day. You guys are awesome!! Keep on embracing your nerdy side, I LOVE IT!!!!