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Hello! Thank you so much for coming to my website and taking a look. Let me tell you some more about me! I love bright, sunshiny days where I can roll down the windows of my car and feel the wind in my hair. I don't need too much makeup on, and I love my hair to be as big and wild as it can get. I love browsing through old bookstores for poetry I've never read before, and sitting down to read them with a glass of wine in my hand and a blazing fire in the fireplace. I love discovering new things, new places to go, new places to photograph, new people, etc. I LOVE my husband and two daughters, and all of the beautiful things they bring into my life! 

My favorite clients to work with are the ones who love to laugh, who are up to try something new and different, and who aren't afraid to be themselves and to bring what they love into our photo sessions. 

I'd love to get to know you more, and to tell you more about myself and who I am as a photographer.